Khira   Thomas

                                     ACTRESS * MODEL* DANCER

                    About Khira Thomas

Khira Thomas is an actress/ model/dancer who resides in Los Angeles County working in various productions contributing her talents to the entertainment industry. She earned her B.A in Theater Arts and Cinema/Television/Video Arts at the California State University of Northridge. Khira Thomas grew up in the Bay Area with a profound love of acting and entertainment at an early age. "MY goal in life is to entertain my audience with a quality of work that they will demand over and over again." says Thomas."From a young age, being in the spotlight has been a passion that I crafted to be in hot pursuit of."

      Khira Thomas has worked consistently in the entertainment industry for a variety of TV shows and Movies. Her first co-starring role came in “Lakeview Terrace” starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, and Patrick Wilson. She's also filmed a number of Independent movies with big names including Keith David (Hopelessly in June), Giovanni Lombardo Radice (House of Flesh Mannequins), Vivica A. Foxx (The Marriage Chronicles), Teck Holmes (Nobody Smiling), Cory Haim (Decisions), and Stelio Savante (Poe). Her TV credits include SiTV, Comedy Central, and MTV. Khira's many talents include Back-up Dancing and Music Video modeling for the biggest names in hip hop such as Shwayze (Buzzin), Amy Winehouse (Tears Dry on their Own), Travis Porter (Bring it Back), Baby Bash (2005 Low Rider Nationals), and countless others. All of these clips and more can be seen on her YouTube channel.

          Aside from acting, Khira Thomas has acquired other talents that have enhanced her  opportunities in Hollywood. She's skilled in 6 different dance genres :Pole Dance, Merenge, Bachata, Zumba, Step Aerobics, and Hip Hop. She's also a professional model who's been featured in 2 newspaper columns (Antioch Herald, LA Xpress Magazine) and print/catalogs (Drea Designs Coture, Westcoast Bikinis, Pamela's Solutions).  Khira is also a licensed fitness instructor and beautician with a mobile service business--Beauty By Khira--providing manicure service, airbrush makeup, spray tanning, On-Set TV/Film/Print Makeup, and pole dance instruction. Khira is a highly professional and well-rounded artist interested in various forms of entertainment always eyeing on the next big project. "Having fun and entertaining is what I do best!" says Thomas. She has extensive experience in all fields of entertainment worthy of her contributions. "I am an effervescent open minded  individual who can bring out the essence of any artistic vision if given the chance to do so."